Caviar NOIR is a handmade luxury jewelry and accessories brand that allows women to mix timeless elegance with edge. 

Established in 2012, Caviar NOIR jewelry is designed to mold to the individual and your personal style. Whether you decide to wear pearls with leather combat boots, or spikes and skulls with a floral dress, each piece possesses a dichotomous nature to openly express the different sides of your personality.

Uniqueness and individuality are encouraged when wearing a piece. The collection harmoniously fuses two opposite ends of the fashionista spectrum to create a perfect balance of chic and edginess to give you a distinct look in any and every crowd.


“I wanted to create a brand that was both luxuriously sophisticated and edgy at the same time.” 

Designer Julie Ann Ramos initially started Caviar NOIR making pieces with a punk-infused aesthetic. She loves experimenting with materials known for its sophistication and elegance and mixing it with punk rock edge such as big chains and gunmetal. Pearls and chains are among the more popular materials used in most of Caviar NOIR’s designs.

From headpieces to necklaces to body chains, Caviar NOIR highlights all of the curvatures of the body with edge and elegance. All pieces are made using the highest quality metals and stones, and are handmade in the USA. Attention to detail is a must and each stone is individually hand-picked to creating the perfect piece.