Getting to knooow me...getting to know all aaabouuut meeee

I found my passion really late in life (like January of 2012!). After working in corporate America for 5 years, I've realized how much I hated my everyday life. I thought this was common because my dad instilled in me at a very young age that people aren't supposed to like what they do. That is why its called a job. When I asked my significant other if he liked his job, to my surprise, he said yes. It threw me in a loop because he just proved my dad's statement wrong. I started to question my job and my plans for the future. I left the corporate world to seek my passion in life. What that passion was, I had no clue. Then a lightbulb went off in my head, "I want to start my own business in jewelry!" Why not? The jewelry I always looked for, I could never find. So why not do a service to people who, like me, have a quirky and edgy taste in fashion.

So there it is; the end of a corporate career and the beginning of a fashion entrepreneur career. Stay tuned as I take you through my journey in life as an up and coming jewelry designer!

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